Just a note for window 7 users

Door Stigmatheist, 24-02-2010 om 21:32
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Hi all!

Just a note for windows 7 users...since i'm running Win7 myself now on 64bits i've been able to test b03tzLCD myself. It runs magically fine! Eventhough i had some complaints about it. I've installed it on my C drive (so the main EXE is in: C:\bLCD) and i do not seem to have any problems.

Please make sure that b03tzLCD has all the rights it needs. You can either right-click the main EXE and click "Run as administrator" or disable UAC (User account control). For a tutorial on how to do that click here.

Also some more updates are coming your way...i've been receiving some quality feedback so be sure to check it out soon!

I'm also thinking of building a news-letter component so you guys can stay up to date with a weekly/monthly newsletter. What do you think of this? Please comment.